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Becca Harper, Founder/CEO

What sets Clarity Consulting apart from the typical outsourced bookkeeping company? We provide custom reports and insights based on your business. 

The term fractional CFO is one of the greatest business secrets in the market place.  A fractional CFO is not a full time employee, therefore requiring less overhead expense. At the same time, a properly placed part time CFO can offer sage advice, guidance and financial reporting that can change the trajectory of any small business. When your business requires the duties and fulfillment of a CFO, look no further than Clarity Consulting.

We understand that internal operations cannot be siloed. One area affects the other, and when you don’t have one person who has a handle on all the areas, things fall through the cracks. Part time CFO services and Fractional CFO programs can open up a whole new world of operational efficiency. 

As your Fractional CFO, We bridge the communication gap between the owner and internal operations.

 We know how to collect all the data from all areas of your business, interpret the data, and create a smooth operating system that brings business owners peace of mind.

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If you are a business owner or executive looking to increase profit margins, WITHOUT hiring a full time CFO, we can discuss what Fractional CFO services can do for your business.

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