"Clarity has been an absolute game changer. Becca has brought an experience and knowledge into our business that has changed not only bottom line from red into black, but our team values. She does everything  a bookkeeper should, and bonus her clients with exceptional care! Clarity has been one of the best investments our company has made since day 1!" 

- Phil Sanders

Citizen Supply

Justin Wise
Founder/CEO Think Digital

"There's nothing more crucial to an entrepreneur than cash flow. How much money is coming in? How much is going out? What's left over? Is that enough? I get daily updates from Becca and my blood pressure lowers every time I open it because I know where we are. Every single day. There are no surprises."

"Before I started working with Clarity, I was stressed about money all the time. It was an emotional rollercoaster, and I never quite knew how we were doing as a company. Within three months, Becca and her team had helped me create a system that gave me visibility into our finances, confidence in what we were doing, and peace for the first time since I became an entrepreneur. It’s been a year since we started working with Clarity, and I’m not surprised that this was our best year yet with revenues increasing by X% and net profits up by Y%. I can’t recommend these guys enough.”

—Jeff Goins, bestselling author and entrepreneur

Josh Rhodes
Founder/CEO of Big Lead Gen, Inc

Clarity Consulting

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