Start working on your business

instead of in your business.

When was the last day you worked on your business? 

If it was more than 30 days ago, it’s been too long.


Have you been avoiding pain points within your internal operations in hopes they work themselves out? Business owners often struggle to step outside of their business for a clearer view. They work in their business instead of working on their business, and begin to get too comfortable with lack of communication, siloed systems, and fuzzy financials.


What you have done in the past won’t always guarantee future success.

Working only in your business can give you a narrow view and a false sense of security. Many business owners make the mistake of assuming that if the business is still running then it must be working, but this way of thinking allows your potential downfall to hide until it’s too late.

70% of small businesses fail within 10 years.

Surviving the first year of business is common. Despite the popular belief that most businesses fail within the first year, about 80% of small businesses actually survive it. However, the number falls drastically soon after that with half of new businesses closing within 5 years and 70% failing by year 10.

Take a day to work on your business instead of in your business and save yourself from another year of stress.

Are you feeling anxiety about the direction your company is heading? 

It’s time for Clarity.

Clarity Consulting helps you zoom out, look at the bigger picture, and rediscover your best path for success and where your greatest vulnerabilities may be hiding. This frees up a ton of head space for you so you can focus on growth and forward moving activity.


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